Bertie's Hot Chicken is a personal passion of founder Rick Boyd. A native East Texan with roots in the deep South. His love of fried chicken began early in his life. Cast iron skillets bubbling away with breaded cuts of fresh chicken from their own farm were what Sundays were all about.

As Rick grew older he developed a taste for the spicier things in life and Nashville Hot Chicken was the dish that quelled his craving. It's his passion for great fried chicken as well as a love of spicy food that he brings to you now. 

The perfect blend of sweet and heat, Bertie's Hot Chicken is something you'll find yourself dreaming about. You're welcome.



Nashville style hot chicken is a experience unlike anything you've ever had. The creation of a jilted lover intending to punish her beau, she seasoned the chicken with a fiery blend of spices but her plan backfired. He loved it. 

We're not trying to punish anyone, on the contrary. We're serving up those traditional cuts of fresh fried chicken dipped in our signature spiced oil and dusted with our very own Phantom Spice. 


Bertie's Hot Chicken is the hottest place in Tahoe!



Bertie's Hot Chicken started here in Lake Tahoe but we've from the beginning had big plans for the old girl. We're taking Bertie's out to the world and we're looking for passionate people to join us. 

If you think your hometown could use a little bit of Bertie's we'd love to talk with you. Let's make the world a little bit hotter in all the right ways.



Bertie's Hot Chicken is ready to grow and we're looking for folks that want to grow along with us.


We're currently looking for new locations around the country.


If you'd like to be part of one of the hottest restaurant concepts out there then we want to talk to you.